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A large part of our success comes from the strong relationships between the school and our wonderful families. In order to build the strong sense of community that the Co-Op Preschool is known for and to keep our operating costs and tuition low, each family is required to partner with the Co-Op in the following areas:

Classroom Helper: A parent or caregiver is required to help in their child’s classroom about 4-5 times throughout the school year. If your family cannot meet this requirement, an aide option is available at an additional cost.

Housekeeping: A parent or caregiver is required to attend one of our monthly cleaning sessions each school year. Each session lasts about an hour and the volunteers deep-clean the play areas at the school.

Committee Involvement: Co-Op families are not required to serve on a committee, however, we hope that most will choose to volunteer. There are many events throughout the school year that depend on volunteers to help them run smoothly.

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For over 60 years, The Co-Op Preschool, in partnership with our students’ families, has been helping children build the skills they need to become successful students and responsible community members.

We are a play-based program that fosters a joy of learning and respectful interaction among peers while promoting a cooperative partnership between home and school. Research shows that play and learning go hand in hand, and that a play-rich environment encourages the development of cognitive skills, physical abilities, new vocabulary, social skills and literacy skills. Learn more about our preschool and toddler programs.

Through the cooperative efforts of parents and staff working together, we provide a nurturing, safe, and engaging preschool experience for all our children to grow and learn. The involvement parents have in their child’s school has a direct impact on a child’s academic success.

Some benefits of choosing a cooperative preschool include:
·Interaction with other parents who share a commitment to education
·More affordable tuition as parents have direct involvement in the operation of the school
·A sense of community as parents work together with teachers as a team

Learn more about how to get involved as a Co-Op Preschool family.